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Therapy is a space and time for you to talk about the things that matter to you. No issue is too big or small. Talking treatments are scientifically demonstrated to help you manage and cope with difficult emotions, experiences, and mental health problems. The purpose of talking treatments is to help you understand the roots of your feelings and patterns of behaviour and to guide you to be able to change your behaviour when required, your relationship with yourself, and your world view. Many of my clients come to me with an overriding concern, but actually work through not only that issue, but many others in addition. I integrate, psychodynamic (relational) and humanistic approaches to help my clients and utilise an existential philosophy at the heart of my work. At times, I also integrate other approaches such as narrative psychology techniques and CBT depending on a client’s individual needs. 

The process itself of therapy is a powerful catalyst for change and can lead clients to delve deeper into aspects of their personalities, relationship patterns, and behaviour that they did not expect to encounter when beginning therapy. For this reason, it is best to begin therapy with an open mind.

Beginning therapy and moving through the process can be frightening as it often brings up difficult or painful emotions and memories. It is my job to support you gently and safely in the processes of self discovery, recovery, healing, and growth. I deeply respect each and every one of my clients and feel honoured to be able to have an important part in each of their lives.



about therapy, About Therapy, Comfort Shields Therapy

After you have taken time to browse my website, you can book an appointment online using the “Book Now” button. This service allows you to choose a time and date and even gives the option of paying online if you wish. If you have any questions please contact me:

Email:  ccshields@comfortshieldstherapy.com
Phone or Text: 07464 798730


about therapy, About Therapy, Comfort Shields Therapy

The first session is about exploring how I may be able to help you in a relaxed, open and confidential way. Feel free to raise any issues or questions concerning you. I will ask you some questions, but the session is not a test and rather will be more of an informal conversation. It is a way for you to get to know me and for me to get a sense of understanding of how we can work together to achieve your goals. If you decide to go forward with therapy together, we can discuss progressing with weekly 50-minute therapy. For personality issues and complex trauma, more intensive therapy of one-two times per week is often beneficial.

Sometimes clients will come to me who have issues that are more within another therapist’s area of expertise. If this is the case, I will offer to refer them to another therapist.


about therapy, About Therapy, Comfort Shields Therapy

Therapy is a process. There is no predefined, minimum or maximum amount of time for us to spend working together – some clients may find that it is helpful to continue the process for a number of years, others for several months. I would recommend that clients give therapy a chance for at least 6 months. For depth therapy with long lasting effect, it is recommended that clients invest in a minimum of weekly therapy–and commonly therapy two to three times per week–for at least one to two years. However, shorter therapy can also be effective to relieve many symptoms and to provide coping techniques as well as to provide practical advice and new ways of looking at one’s behaviour and emotions, and we can discuss that, too. When the time is right, we will work together to agree on an end to therapy. However, patients are welcome to return for additional therapy months or years after they have left to work on new issues after they have left work on new issues or to revisit unresolved issues in greater depth.

Endings in therapy – just as endings in life – are important. It is imperative that we keep an open communication about how therapy is progressing and about your thoughts and needs in regards to stopping therapy. It is always a client’s choice to stop therapy at any time. However, I like to devote at least a couple sessions, and often several more, to concluding our work together and to saying goodbye.


about therapy, About Therapy, Comfort Shields Therapy

You are encouraged to discuss what you would like, from what is bothering you on a certain day, to feelings, thoughts, loss, fantasies, aspirations, memories, and dreams. Sometimes clients like to bring in significant photos, letters, artwork, or other things that they would like to share, but most days we will sit together and talk. I will provide a safe environment in which to explore your issues and work with you towards meaning and wellbeing in your life.


about therapy, About Therapy, Comfort Shields Therapy

Your discussions with your therapist, and any notes they write, are confidential and will not be disclosed to any other person without your consent.

Exceptions to this rule would be if your therapist is required to disclose information by a court of law, or in order to protect you or another person from perceived harm.

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